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Dhvani Supermusic Is Engaged In The Business Of Giving Public Performance And Downloading Rights In Sound Recordings. Exploitation Of Sound Recordings, Which Dhvani Supermusic Rights, Includes Public Performance In Djs, Mobile Downloading Shop, Marriage Halls  Studio Mixing S Shops And Other Venues For Communication To The Public On A Commercial Basis Of The Following Music Labels:

Maa Mogal Studio

Kinjal Studio
Eagle Home Entertainment
Studio Saraswati
Shri Ram Audio And Telefilm
Studio Saraswati Web
Tulsi Digital
Raghav Digital Pvt. Ltd.

Music At All Public Places Including But Not Limited To Djs, Marriage Halls, Mobile Downloading Shops, Studio Mixing Shops  Any Such Other Public Area Intending To Communicate To The Public In Any Matter Whatsoever, Any Musical Works, Sound Recordings, Or Any Part Thereof, In Any Format, In Audio, Visual And/Or Audio- Visual Media Is Required To Obtain A Rights From The Duly Authorized Agent/Assignee.

By Obtaining Rights And Using Genuine Copies Of The Work, You Are Respecting Copyright And Thereby Protecting The Economic Interest Of The Creator Of The Work And The Industry That Invested Money In Making It Available To The Public. This Will Discourage Illegal Making And Distribution Of Works Without Rewarding The Actual Creators Of The Work. By Respecting Copyright You Are Joining Hands With Others To Make India An Economic Power Of The World.

Downloading Of Our Copyrighted Original And Legal Content Namely Sound Recordings, Audio Visual Songs & Wallpaper On Mobile And Other Allied Devices By Mobile Shops/Cyber Cafe/Dj Sound System-Operators /Photoshop/Video-Grapher And Other Commercial Organizations Only To End Consumers Having No Further Commercial Use And In No Other Manner Or Media Whatsoever. This Authorization Only Grants The Right To Offer For Downloads The Sound Recordings, Audio Visual Songs And Wallpapers As Specified And Does Not Grant Any Other Right Whatsoever Or The Right To Change The Underlying Literary Or Musical Works In The Sound Recordings And Audio Visual Songs Whatsoever Or Any Other Right Or License In Relation Thereto.

Advantages Of Retail License Certificate:

Be Part Of The Growing Mobile Ecosystem.

Promote And Sell Music In The Legitimate Way.

Business Growth With Customer Satisfaction.

Retail License Certificate Features:

The Retail License Certificate Would Mean That Retailer Would Have Rights To Download And Sell Dsmpl Content Legally.

It Provides An Opportunity For Retailers To Earn Additional Revenues In Their Mobile Business.

Consequences Of Dealing With Copyright Content Without Retail License Certificate.

Retailer Selling Content Without Proper Retail License Certificate Is Punishable Under Copyright Act., 1957.

Punishment Upto 03 Years Imprisonment And/Or Fine Upto Rs. 2,00,000/-.